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 Clore Art Studio Sarah BridglandClore Art Studio Sarah BridglandClore Art Studio Sarah BridglandClore Art Studio Sarah Bridgland

The Clore Art Studio responds to the exhibition The Sensory War 1914 2014. In this space we look at the aftermath of war. After the chaos and destruction of two world wars, the second half of the twentieth century saw a drive to create a better future and improve people's lives with health care, education, housing and urban planning.

Artist Sarah Bridgland has created an architectural toolkit for you to explore your ideas about designing the future whether fantastical or realistic. The toolkit draws on Sarah's interest in modernist architecture, particularly the work of Le Corbusier. She has chosen a palette of white papers to reference architectural models and to symbolise ideas of peace and utopia.

Use the materials in the gallery to build your vision. Imagine the future and draw your plans. Play with the cubes on the floor and construct new environments from images of Manchester's post-war past. How would you build a better world?

Using the Gallery

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Clore Art Studio Evaluation

Clore Art Studio
Read the evaluation report on the Clore Art Studio by Professor Liz Jones, Dr Rachel Holmes and Natalie van Gaalen from Manchester Metropolitan University.