Under That Cloud

 Benjamin Lignel, Bracito de Oro 2011, detailNedda El-Asmar, Structured Coloured Chaos, Necklace, Nylon and obsidianTore Svensson, Series of brooches Steel, paintJiro Kamata, Arboresque, Brooch, Camera lens, painted, blackened silverCaroline Broadhead, Bracelets Glass beadsLucy Sameel, Deadlock, Necklace Zinc.

  • Saturday 19 November 2011 - Sunday 15 April 2012
  • Manchester Art Gallery
  • FREE

An exhibition of jewellery by 18 international artists produced in response to their experience of being stranded together in Mexico City in April 2010 under the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud. Their enforced stay became an exciting opportunity to make new work inspired by their impressions of Mexico – the vibrant colours, the traffic chaos, the architecture, the ancient heritage, the music and the people.

Work from this show is for sale.

Curated by Jo Bloxham.

View the exhibition catalogue here.

Featured artists

Caroline Broadhead (UK), Ramon Puig Cuyàs (Spain), Gemma Draper (Spain), Jürgen Eickhoff (Germany), Nedda El-Asmar (Belgium), Cristina Filipe (Portugal), Agnieszka Knap (Sweden), Benjamin Lignel (France), Jorge Manilla (Belgium/Mexico), Nanna Melland (Norway), Sarah O’Hana (UK), Jiro Kamata (Japan/Germany), Manon van Kouswijk (Netherlands/Australia), Lucy Sarneel (Netherlands), Karin Seufert (Germany), Janina Stübler (Germany), Tore Svensson(Sweden), and Andrea Wagner (Netherlands).


Benjamin Lignel
Bracito de Oro 2011
Mixed media
Photo © Jonathan Keenan

Nedda El-Asmar
Structured Coloured Chaos, Necklace
Nylon and obsidian

Tore Svensson
Series of brooches
Steel, paint

Jiro Kamata
Arboresque, Brooch
Camera lens, painted, blackened silver

Caroline Broadhead
Glass beads

Lucy Sameel
Deadlock, Necklace

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Manchester Jewellery network, necklace, detail
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