Ori Gerscht: Pomegranate

  • Saturday 13 January 2007 - Sunday 28 January 2007
  • Manchester Art Gallery
  • FREE
In this video, a pomegranate stands out from a backdrop reminiscent of a sixteenth century still life until it is exploded by a high-velocity bullet.

In a carefully composed scene reminiscent of a sixteenth century Juan Sanchez Cotan still life, a pomegranate fruit stands out from a muted, theatrical backdrop. After a few moments, this symbolic fruit is exploded by a high-velocity bullet; seeds spilling from its disintegrating carcass in extreme slow-motion, and with an eerie and terrible beauty.

Pomegranate is part of Single Shot, a series of film and video works all shot in a single take. Single Shot is in venues throughout Manchester, including Cornerhouse, Urbis and Chinese Arts Centre. Some Single Shot pieces will also appear on outdoor screens in the city, or as interventions in other public locations

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