Alien Nation

Yinka Shonibare MBE, Dysfunctional Family 1999

Information about the artists’ work in the exhibition

The exhibition includes Laylah Ali’s cartoon-like drawings which show bizarre, part-human/part-alien, creatures living in a unfamiliar world; Hamad Butt’s visceral, disconcerting experience of viral invasion from his video work, The Triffid (part ii, of the Transmission installation, 1990) Ellen Gallagher & Edgar Cleijne’s 16mm alien life forms projected onto a gallery wall; David Huffmann’s outer space populated by flying saucers and robots, Marepe’s galaxy of shiny, brightly-coloured aliens created from Christmas baubles; Hew Locke’s collage-sculpture which projects fears of a metropolis under attack in classic sci-fi form; Henna Nadeem’s digital collages of transformed rural landscapes; Kori Newkirk’s shimmering alien landscape created from a trail of cultural miscellany; Yinka Shonibare’s Dyfunctional Family (1999), a delightfully non-nucleur grouping from a brave new world; Mario Ybarra Jr.’s partnering of Zapata and Chewbacca within a fantastical giant mural and a new piece especially conceived for the exhibition from Eric Wesley.