Ryan Gander: Make every show like it's your last

 Ryan Gander, Make everything like itís your last - Gun_Gander 2013

I is iv v vi 2013 Gander I isÖ(iv) Ryan Gander 2013

Note to self. Rethink everything Gander 2012

Ryan Gander, C++ 2013

Still from Imagineering, Ryan Gander

  • Thursday 3 July 2014 - Sunday 14 September 2014
  • Manchester Art Gallery
  • FREE

Make every show like it’s your last, is a major exhibition of work by renowned British conceptual artist, Ryan Gander. This show is part of an international tour programme but will take on a special new form when it is staged in Manchester, presenting new work and work previously unseen in the UK.

Gander studied in Manchester for his undergraduate degree and will be illustrating his close connection to the city through new work created exclusively for us. The exhibition will explore two recent themes in Gander’s work; ‘Imagineering’ and ‘Culturefield.’ Bringing together various media to highlight the artist’s playful wit, the artworks in this exhibition will explore the relationships between author, work and viewer where the rules are constantly redefined.

BBC2 Culture Show: Ryan Gander - The Art of Everything

Miranda Sawyer enters the imagination of celebrated British conceptual artist Ryan Gander. Available until Monday 16 June. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p020f4h6


Make everything like it’s your last - Gun, Ryan Gander 2013. Photo: Martin Argroglo
I is... (iv), I is... (v), I is... (vi), Ryan Gander 2013. Photo: Patrick Quayle, Lisson Gallery
Note to self. Rethink everything Ryan Gander 2012. Photo: Diego Berruecos, Museo Tamayo
C++, Ryan Gander 2013. Photo Martin Argyroglo
Imagineering, Ryan Gander 2013 Photo: Martin Argyroglo

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