Bernhard Schobinger: The Rings of Saturn

Bernhard Schobinger, Scissor-Chain 2014 Bernhard Schobinger Bernhard Schobinger Bernhard Schobinger Bernhard Schobinger
  • Thursday 5 June 2014 - Sunday 19 October 2014
  • Manchester Art Gallery
  • FREE

Recognised as a key figure of avant-garde contemporary jewellery, Bernhard Schobinger's subversive approach to making spans more than forty years and has earned him a reputation for rebellious innovation. His work skilfully transforms discovered objects into pieces that allude to past and present, precious and leftover.

Something of an alchemist, Schobinger gathers and processes all manner of matter, which frequently includes discarded detritus. From coloured pencils, spent knicker elastic, precious stones, combs or worn eraser nubs, to coins, diamonds, prickly saw files or poison bottles - such scavenged materials are all sources of aesthetic and physical richness. At once anarchic and collectible, Schobinger's work unites these materials to create hybrid jewels that irreverently express their provenance while challenging conventional histories of body adornment.

Curated by Jo Bloxham
With thanks to Gallery S O London 


Scissor-Chain 2014
steel, japanese urushi laquer, gold, akoya pearls

Pfuschring mit Perle 2013
Jigsaw, pearl, copper

Sunset Ring 2013
Rockcristall, steel, diamond, japanese urushi laquer

Meeresschneckenballett  2013
Shells from Okinawa

Okinawa bottleneck chain 2013
Glass, jigsaw

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