Poetry Readings : Shamshad Khan

Wednesday 18 October 2006
12.00pm - 2.40pm

Manchester based poet Shamshad Khan performs her current work and responds to the Beyond the Page exhibition. Thee are three 40 minute performances in the gallery space. Part of Manchester Literature Festival.

Shamshad Khan is co-editor of two anthologies of poetry. Currently she is Literature Advisor to the Arts Council England (North West) and Associate Artist with the Green Room, Manchester.

Shamshad is also supported by Arts Council England and Apples and Snakes. She was shortlisted for an Arts Foundation Fellowship in performance poetry (2006).

“..there is no convenient category in which to place Shamshad Khan. Her poetry is delicately worded yet strong in its messages. She presents her work with such physicality that to watch her truly engages the senses.” Carmen Walter, Writing Magazine.

“Shamshad is a committed, convincing and passionate performer and brings the skills of an experienced artist to bear on every element of her shows. I look forward to all her projects as I know that each one marks a growth of ambition and a widening of scope.” Chris Gribble, Director, Manchester Poetry Festival

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