Art history basics: 1400s Age of Discovery

Two women looking at a painting on a tour
Two women looking at a painting on a tour
Sunday 18 January 2009
2.00pm - 3.30pm
5, includes refreshments, please book 0161 235 8888,

Get to grips with the basics of European art history in our series of accessible, lively and enetertaining talks given by Nirvana Romell.

Each talk covers the basics of a given period covering the main historical facts. The talks explore the main achievements in painting sculpture and architecture as products of their political, social and economic circumstances.

This talk explores undoubtedly one of the busiest periods in the history of art, The Renaissance produced the first superstar-artists and established painting, sculpture and architecture as equally important art forms. This lecture deals with this whirlwind of artistic developments, highlighting not only creative but also social and cultural differences across Western Europe.

Throughout each talk links are made to works on display at Manchester Art Gallery, giving a deeper understanding of the gallery's collections.

No previous knowledge is necessary but lots of curiosity, an open mind and a sense of humour will be useful.

Talks are monthly on Sunday afternoons. The talks can be attended individually or followed as a basic course in art history.

Future lectures in the series: Sun 15 Feb: The 1500s: Flourishing art and the doubts

Nirvana Romell is an experienced lecturer with a BEd in Art History and a passion for making the subject accessible and relevant. She regularly lectures for the Walker Art Gallery, National Association of Fine and Decorative Art Societies (NADFAS), and other Art groups.

Her previous courses at Manchester Art Gallery, Classics to Contemporary and Modern Movements received excellent feedback from our audiences.

"Nirvana’s talks are excellent, always gives you something to remember."

"Brilliant lectures – enhanced by Nirvana’s personality."

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