Take Notice

Joseph Farquharson, When the West with Evening Glows, detail
Joseph Farquharson, When the West with Evening Glows, detail
Tuesday 1 July 2014
12.15pm - 12.45pm

Take Notice is a short, lunchtime event where visitors are guided in engaging with art using meditative and awareness techniques.

What is Take Notice?

Take Notice visitors will be guided in paying attention to an artwork in the present moment. Visitors will be encouraged to notice where the mind drifts to and guided in gently bringing the focus back to the artwork.

De-stress with art

Recent studies have shown that being more aware of our mind's patterns helps us to be more in control of them and the impact they can have on our emotions. It also helps reduce stress, boost the immune system and lift our moods.

Take Notice aims to provide an opportunity for visitors to engage with beautiful art in the beautiful setting of the art gallery and to take some time out from the stress of modern life. A space and a time just for you, to relax.


No emails, texts, updates or alerts - all you have to do is sit back, take a deep breath and let us help you Take Notice.

Try it for yourself

First Tuesday of the month.

No previous experience necessary. 

Free, no need to book.  


For more information or to bring a group of 10 people or more please contact Louise Thompson, Health and Well-being Manager on 0161 235 8844 or email l.thompson1@manchester.gov.uk

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