Raqib Shaw tour in British Sign Language

Raqib Shaw
Raqib Shaw
Sunday 12 May 2013
3.00pm - 4.00pm

Join Jennifer for this exhibition and collections tour delivered in British Sign Language.

A Story Behind Raqib Shaw

Jennifer gives a themed gallery tour in British Sign Language every other month on the second Sunday of the month. Each tour includes elements from our collections and temporary exhibitions.

Tours are free and Jennifer meets everyone in the atrium, next to the information desk on the ground floor. If you are late a member of our visitor services team will let you know where the tour is.

Sunday 12 May 2013 – This time we'll be looking at Raqib Shaw's glorious paintings and sculpture displayed among our historic collections and within our temporary exhibition galleries.   Jennifer takes a closer look at the tearing/eating out of body bits, snakes, skins and clothing, picnicking, grapes, vine leaves, chains/captivity, (mis)matching heads & feet, sculptural effects, effects of colour, mark-making, and the art of framing and crafts. There's more information about Raqib Shaw's exhibition here.

Upcoming tour:  Sunday 14 July 2013 – Manchester International Festival – performance and art.

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