Age of Elegance? Meet the Makers

The Age of Elegance?
The Age of Elegance?
Saturday 21 April 2012
3.00pm - 4.00pm

The More Than Fashion 2012 team reveal the thinking behind their exhibition re-mix.

In September 2011, More Than Fashion 2012 were asked to revisit interpretations of the Gallery of Costume's cotton collection. Age of Elegance? is the result of many months of research, discussion and creativity.

More Than Fashion 2012 employed a number of strategies to encourage visitors to experience the exhibition. They chose to deconstruct the visitor's expectations and habits by removing labels and mixing fact with fiction. They replaced written text with spoken word and created an audio experience to rival the visual.

More Than Fashion 2012 are a group of young creatives aged between 15-25.

Want to know more?

Join the More Than Fashion 2012 team to hear about the process and pose your questions. Or visit More Than Fashion 2012's tumblr.

If you enjoyed this you might also want to visit Whitworth Art Gallery’s Cotton: Global Threads exhibition in Manchester until 13 May.

Age of Elegance? and Cotton: Global Threads are both part of Stories of the World North West and the Cultural Olympiad.