Pass it on

A woman in a workshop
A woman in a workshop
Saturday 2 July 2011
12.00pm - 4.00pm

Glue, spray, sew: using fashion to make the world a brighter place.

This event takes place off-site in Platt Fields Park, Skate Park

Thought there was nothing to do in Fallowfield this summer break? Think again.

As part of Fallowfield's 'Youth Summer Jam' Gallery of Costume presents... Pass it on. Designer Zara Khalique of will lead this workshop in customising new and old clothing with messages to pass on.

By saying something on a piece of clothing fashion becomes more than just something we wear. The message is passed on when it is read by someone else or when a piece of clothing is passed on as a gift, hand-me-down or through donation and purchase from a charity shop.

Clothes and material will be provided and you can also bring your own.

This is part of a Cultural Olympiad project in the North West called Global Threads. Young people in the region have been researching cotton heritage in the North West and across the globe to make new meanings for new museum and gallery goers.

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