Art weekend: creating comics

Jam comic by Jim Medway
Jam comic by Jim Medway
Sunday 22 August 2010
11.00am - 4.00pm
30 / 25 concession

Join Jim Medway on the second day of this two-day comic making course for adults.

This weekend course introduces a range of drawing techniques and sketch book work as well as offering an eye-opening insight into the world of comic book art.

Jim will explain his working methods, from finding inspiration
to observation work and on to developing imagery in pencil and inking his drawings.

Demonstrations, discussions and exercises will lead participants through Jim’s
influences and considerations, as well as how Jim inspires and
educates in his school sessions.

There will also be time for reflection, discussion and follow up ideas.

Find out more about Jim Medway's work on his wonderful website.

You can see images from last year's workshop on our flickr pages.

And check out Jim's new online publication for comic, cartoon and kids books. afficianados.

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