Focus tour: women in art

A tour takes place in a gallery
A tour takes place in a gallery
Saturday 6 March 2010
3.00pm - 3.45pm

Join a Friends of Manchester Art Gallery guide for an in-focus look at themes from the collection.

Throughout history women have been portrayed in works of art, but until the last century struggled to achieve recognition as serious artists.

The Royal Academy was founded in London in 1768, but did not admit women to its schools until 1861 and had no full women members until 1936. The few women artists that did achieve recognition tended, therefore, to focus on domestic scenes and portraiture. The rise of feminism in the twentieth century, along with the changing roles of women, saw a shift in the status of women artists and the establishment of many famous contemporary artists.

This tour will review the changing status of women artists and the portrayal of women in art, by focusing on a selection of paintings from the Manchester Art Gallery collection.

In association with International Women's Day.

No need to book. Meet your guide in the atrium on the ground floor.

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