Testing the glass: Google Glass Augmented Reality Application Testing, part two

Gallery visitor wearing Google Glass
Gallery visitor wearing Google Glass
Monday 16 June 2014
10.00am - 4.30pm

We're looking for volunteers to help user test a new Google Glass application.

A visitor wearing Google Glass

A visitor wearing Google Glass

Help us evaluate Google Glass as an aid to interpreting artworks
10.15am - 4.30pm

Join Dr. Timothy Jung, Director of Creative Augmented Realities Hub, and Dr. Mandy Claudia Leue from the department of Tourism Management, Manchester Metropolitan University in the second phase user testing of an augmented reality application developed for Google Glass. Using a number of works in the gallery, they'll be investigating how and if Google Glass might be used to deliver deeper interpretive information to visitors.

They'll be looking for volunteers to test the application during the day, so if you'd like to check out Google's latest wearable in action, either contact Timothy or Mandy to book a time slot (10.15am - 4.15pm).

There is another testing session between 10.15am and 4.30pm on Monday 16 June.

Book a test session

Please contact Dr. Claudia Leue to book a 30 minute test session:

Email: claudia.leue@outlook.com

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