The Mary Greg Collection

 Key from the Mary Greg Collection

Book illustration from the Mary Greg Collection

Counters from the Mary Greg Collection

Thimble from the Mary Greg Collection

Mary Greg collected everyday domestic objects during the late 1800s and early 1900s. She was particularly interested in pre-industrial handmade objects and wanted to preserve examples of traditional artisan skills. Whilst there are objects on display in the Gallery of the Craft and Design, the majority of this strange and peculiarly engaging collection, which was given to Manchester Art Gallery in 1934, remains in storage.

Since early 2009 group of passionate curators, interpretation developers and artists have been working behind the scenes to re-evaluate the collection and have been documenting their progress on a blog:

High quality photographs of some of the items from the collection can be viewed in our Mary Mary Quite Contrary flickr collection.

Mary Mary Quite Contrary on flickr

Mary Greg collection, dog figure
Browse a selection of high quality images from the Mary Greg collection.

The Mary Greg blog

H, Herkomer, Mary Greg, detail
Follow the progress of the re-evaluation of this engaging collection.