Search Help

How to use the different search types:

Quick Search

The Quick Search is the best place to start if you don't have a specific enquiry. Enter a keyword or words e.g. wine glass, dog, Turner, Pre-Raphaelite, etc. This search is quite extensive and can produce a long list of results. You may wish to refine your search by using one of the other search types in the Detailed Search Option.

Detailed Search Option

The Detailed Search Option is ideal if you have a specific enquiry. You can search on one or more defined fields such as title/object name, person, place, date, material etc.

Search Results

The results will appear in the contact sheet view as a series of thumbnail images.  If you would like to change the view of the results as a list only, click on the 'list' option at the top of the results. You can return to the table format by selecting 'list view'.

You can choose how many items you wish to display on the page by using the display drop down menu.

You can sort the results by object, date and artist/maker.

Simply click on any thumbnail image to take you to a detailed record page where more information is given about that particular artwork.

The detailed record page gives more information about the artwork you have chosen.  If you click on the enlarge image option, a larger version will appear on a new page.

Search Tips

  • The system is not case sensitive (i.e. Matisse and matisse will both be recognised).
  • Where you see the symbol '&' it does not mean 'and,' but is used for data separation.
  • Check the spelling of the word that you are using. Try to limit your search to one word if you are unsure of the spelling of a particular object or person.
  • If you put the symbol '@' in front of your search, the results will include all the phonetic results similar to that word (e.g. maddox brown, madox brown).
  • The best way to search on a phrase is to use " " quotation marks around part of the phrase (e.g. entering "The Friends" will retrieve works purchased with the help of The Friends of Manchester City Galleries).
  • Try to give as much accurate information as you can. Using the drop down menus in detailed search may help you to focus your query.