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The Levantine Chess Set
chess set

Dixon, Stephen
Europe, United Kingdom, England, Manchester


24 x 8.7 x 8.2 cm

More Details

The Levantine Chess Set
Made by Stephen Dixon 1994
Earthenware, with coloured oxides and glazes

This chess set is about conflict in the Levant,
a region that includes Palestine, Israel and Iraq.
This area has a long and troubled history,
from medieval Crusades to more recent events.

The chess set depicts Eastern and Western forces,
battling for control of oil-rich territories.
Some characters are taken from ancient history,
whilst others are from modern times.
The Eastern King, a snarling Assyrian God,
has an army of terrorists and suicide bombers.
The Western King, ironically dressed as Superman,
carves up the world for his own arrogant desire.
Each view is deliberately provocative,
suggesting there are faults on both sides.

Purchased with the assistance of the Friends of Manchester City Galleries 1995.154/33