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The Warrior Arming (Godfrey de Bouillon)

Etty, William
Europe, United Kingdom, England


oil paint
89 x 74.4 cm

More Details

The Warrior Arming (Godfrey de Bouillon) 1833-4
William Etty 1787-1849
Oil on canvas

De Bouillon was a knight of the first Christian Crusade
and was elected ruler of Jerusalem after it fell in 1099.
He is shown wearing a Crusader's crucifix
and is dressed by an African servant.

Etty reflects contemporary interest in the Middle Ages.
Not only did he consult historians and collect armour,
but he also wrote letters in a mock medieval style
under the pseudonym of 'Godfrey'.

The painting was very favourably reviewed
after its exhibition at the Royal Academy.
It was bought by the art collector Robert Vernon,
who made his fortune supplying horses to the army.
It was later owned by the engineer Joseph Whitworth.

Gift of Sir Joseph Whitworth 1882.145