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The Church of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice

Europe, Italy
1740 circa

First floor: 18th Century

oil paint
60.5 x 95.1 cm

More Details

Church of San Giorgio Maggiore about 1740
Giovanni Antonio Canal, called Canaletto 1697-1768
Oil on canvas

Along with Rome, Florence and Naples,
Venice became an obligatory Grand-Tour destination.
The city was made especially popular
through the vedutti, or view paintings, of Canaletto.

While his work was scorned by the Italians
it was adored by souvenir-hunting foreign visitors.
The artist forged a particularly profitable relationship
with Joseph Smith, the British Consul in Venice,
who secured him endless commissions and print sales.
Canaletto became so popular among the British
that he spent the years 1746-1756 in London.

The dome on the church of San Giorgio Maggiore
was a recent addition when Canaletto painted it.
The building work was completed in 1728.

Accepted by HM Treasury in lieu of tax liability and allocated to Manchester 1984.30