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The Bromley Family

Brown, Ford Madox
Europe, United Kingdom, England


oil paint
117.4 x 81.1 cm

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The Bromley Family 1844
Ford Madox Brown 1821-1893
Oil on canvas

In the summer of 1844
Brown and his wife, Elizabeth, arrived in England.
They first stayed with relations in Meopham, Kent.

The young painter had trained in Paris and Antwerp
and this painting of his wife's family
recalls early 19th century German portrait groups
which he would have seen on the continent.

It shows Elizabeth's brothers Richard and Augustus
and their wives Clara and Helen
with the Kentish countryside behind them.
The family group is skilfully united by their hands.

In front, beside her mother,
is Brown's new wife Elizabeth.
She sits on a chair which bears her husband's signature.
In front of her are a vase of roses, the flowers of love,
and a book of prints.

The couple's happiness was short-lived.
She was to die of consumption two years later.