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Madeline Scott

Brown, Ford Madox
Europe, United Kingdom, England, Manchester


Oil paint
122.1 x 78.5 cm

More Details

Portrait of Madeline Scott 1883
Ford Madox Brown 1821-1893
Oil on canvas

For part of the time, between 1879 and 1893,
Ford Madox Brown lived in Manchester.
He was working on a major project to produce murals
for Manchester Town Hall.

During this time,
he also painted portraits of Manchester sitters,
including this portrait of Madeline scott, aged 7,
seated firmly on her tricycle.

Madeline's father was CP Scott,
editor of the Manchester Guardian
and a keen cyclist
- a preference his daughter clearly shared!

Later she married a Guardian leader-writer
and was one of the first six female magistrates
appointed in Manchester.

The backdrop to her portrait - a yew hedge archway
- was probably painted from her garden in Fallowfield.