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Oxford Road, Manchester

Valette, Adolphe
Europe, United Kingdom, England


oil paint/Oil Paint
127.4 x 101.5 cm

More Details

Oxford Road, Manchester 1910
Adolphe Valette 1876-1942
Oil on jute

Valette's most successful impressionist painting,
this view of Oxford Road looks towards the city centre.
The Refuge Assurance Building (now the Palace hotel)
can be seen in the background on the right
with its new tower still under construction.
The painting shows Edwardian Manchester
as a busy and changing industrial city,
with pedestrians, horse-drawn and motor vehicles
all pushing their way through the thick smog.

'Oxford Road' received favourable press comment
when first exhibited in Liverpool in 1910.
This probably encouraged the artist
to produce further works in the same vein.

Purchased 1928.31