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The Storm

Etty, William
Europe, United Kingdom, England
1829 - 1830

First floor: Early 19th Century

oil paint
91 x 104.5 cm

More Details

The Storm 1829-30
William Etty 1787-1849
Oil on canvas

This painting is an imaginary vision
of nature's power over human endeavour.
It was first exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1830
with the following quotation from Psalm 22:
They cried unto Thee, and were delivered;
they trusted in Thee, and were not confounded.

It also demonstrates new attitudes to colouring:
Etty spoke of a 'harmony of Colour by neutral tints',
which was influenced by Venetian art of the 1500s.
This underwent a revival during the period,
superceding interest in the art of Renaissance Rome,
which had been heavily collected during the 1700s.

Transferred from the Royal Manchester Institution 1882.4