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Object Name: doublet

Place of Creation: Europe, United Kingdom, England
Date: 1625-1630

Accession Number: 2011.2
Location on Display: Gallery of Costume - 1F - The Needle's Excellency
Image Copyright: © Manchester City Galleries

Physical Description

Medium / Material
  • linen
  • woven

Natural linen doublet on a back of coarser linen, embroidered with linen thread in french knots and couched work in a pattern of formal sprigs enclosed in three-lobed compartments, outlined in thicker couched thread, arranged like fish scales; lined linen; tabbed skirt lined wool; high standing collar fastening with 5 (2 missing) small spherical thread covered buttons and plaited loops; fronts each in one section extending to side back,high waist with sharp point at front; fastening with 31 (6 missing) buttons and buttonholes and two pairs of eyelet holes at point; vertical slash in each front from shoulder seam to breast; remains of plaited silk loops (for sword belt) at waist each side of point; triangular shaped section of rigid stiffening is attached to lining each side of fastening, the longest edge of the triangle extending from the base of the point to 4in from the neck; remains of leather straps at outer corners of triangles; back in one section with one vertical central slash and one each side corresponding to slashes in fronts; fronts and back have stiff linen interfacing; lining has extra strip below waist, except under point, with 12 eyelet holes for attaching points from breeches; long sleeves in two sections each with vertical slash from shoulder to elbow, seams left open above elbow and inner seam from 3in above wrist to elbow, opening in outer seam from wrist to half way up forearm fastening with 9 (missing) buttons and buttonholes; wings at shoulders formed by looped strips linked by buttonholed threads; centre front edges,slashes and open seams bound with fawn braid; skirt of overlapping tabs,wider at top, 3 each side and one at centre back.