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mirror & light

Sottsass, Ettore
Europe, Italy

Second floor: Gallery of Craft and Design

195 x 104 x 14 cm

More Details

Ultrafragola mirror
Designed by Ettore Sottsass, Italy 1970
Manufactured by Poltronova, Italy about 1970
Fibreglass with internal lighting

"Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who is the fairest of them all?"
Fair or plain, we all recognize our own image
reflected back at us when we glance in a mirror.
Preoccupied with the type of appearance we present,
mirrors can bolster our self-esteem, or let us down.
Developing private rituals of primping and preening,
we constantly struggle to improve upon nature.

This design evokes the glamorous theatrical image
of a star's bulb-fringed dressing room mirror.
It's shape also relates to a more surprising source
as the title translates roughly as 'big strawberry'.

Purchased 1997.285