Revealing Histories: Remembering Slavery

The legacy of the transatlantic slave trade in Greater Manchester

25 March 2007 marked two hundred years since the Abolition of the Slave Trade Act in Britain. To commemorate this Manchester Art Gallery has been working partnership with seven museums and galleries in Greater Manchester. Together we are exploring lasting legacy of transatlantic slave trade across the region. Viewing our collections from new perspectives, we hope to build a better understanding about our shared past and what makes Manchester the place that it is today.

Through events, community projects and new displays we have uncovered different stories and opinions about the collections. You can see some of the visitor responses so far by following the links below:


Poetry performance Honouring Our Ancestors by Tina Tamsho-Thomas, 5 August 2007View poet Tina Tamsho-Thomas' performance Honouring Our Ancestors.  Inspired by discussions with gallery visitors about objects that demonstrate the wealth and luxury created out of the transatlantic slave trade.

Hears Our VoicesYoung people from Broome House worked with poet Tony Curry and sound artist Antony Hall to created the audio work Hears Our Voices.



Chained ReactionsInteract with Chained Reactions. Artist group The Believe Collective created this new interactive artwork based on visitor responses and thoughts about our collection of objects linked to the transatlantic slave trade.

Simply Read (detail) by Nathan Carter, 2007Explore new artworks created by Manchester residents and local artists based on discussions about what this history means to our city.


Join us in revealing this history by adding your own interpretations and stories to objects in our collections.

For more information about Manchester Art Gallery's Revealing Histories: Remembering Slavery programme, contact Liz Mitchell on:


Tel:             0161 235 8817   

Visit the Revealing Histories website to explore local connections to the transatlantic slave trade and find out how you can take part in events and discussions in Greater Manchester.

Remembering Slavery community programmes

Visitor in the Gallery of Craft and Design

Local community groups creatively explore our collections to uncover Manchester's links to the transatlantic slave trade.