Ishinki Touchstone



Kan Yasuda



About the work

This large piece of abstract sculpture can be found outside the Bridgewater Hall. The artist, Kan Yasuda, has said that the word “Ishinki” means a form returning to itself. The simplicity of the form, and its placement at street level, displays the natural beauty of the Italian marble that it is carved from. This smoothness and accessibility impel the viewer to touch the stone to experience its qualities through another sense. Other cities with an Ishinki include Florence, Sydney and Tokyo.

The carrara marble abstract sculpture in the shape of a pebble was installed in 1996.


Plaque on wall at top of stairs next to canal basin: "ISHINKI-TOUCHSTONE"/Kan Yasuda 1996/This work of art was sponsored by/Manchester Airport and the Arts Council Lottery Fund

In the collection

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Location & Map

The sculpture is located outside the main entrance of the Bridgewater Hall.

The placemarker on the map below shows the location of this sculpture.

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