Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln Sculptor

George Grey Barnard


Erected in 1919

About the work

It may seem unusual for Manchester to have a statue of Abraham Lincoln, as there are no obvious links to the 16th President of the United States. In fact, Manchester was a very important ally to Abraham Lincoln’s Union during the American Civil War. As the largest processor of cotton in the world, Manchester took a strong moral and political stance by choosing to boycott Southern Cotton in protest against the use of slave labour.

This was not an easy decision to make and led to the Lancashire Cotton Famine, which saw many cotton workers lose their jobs and struggle to feed their families. Lincoln wrote a letter to thank the people of Manchester for their support. Later an American couple donated the statue as a reminder of the link between Manchester and the United States.

In the collection

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Location & Map

This statue of Lincoln is located in Lincoln Square on Brazennose St, which runs between Albert Square and Deansgate.

The placemarker on the map below shows the location of this statue.

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