Revealing Histories: Remembering Slavery

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Injustice - Has slavery been abolished?

The Aboliton of the Slave Trade Act passed by the British parliament in 1807 did not put an end to slavery, it only made it illegal for British participation in the trade in enslaved people. In 1833, parliament passed another act to end British slavery, however this was replaced by a period of forced 'apprenticeship'. True emancipation did not take place until 1838 and in some British colonies slavery was only abolished as late as the 1920s. Despite subsequent acts passed by many countries, slavery still exists in many forms today including child labour, sex slaves and indentured labour where workers are tied into restrictive contracts with all of their wages paying for their transport, accommodation and food.

M20852 Injustice Injustice, Colette Gilmartin and Tony Curry with young people from Tameside and Trafford, © Manchester City Galleries

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