Revealing Histories: Remembering Slavery

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Simply Read - Responses by gallery visitors and staff

Colour it is as it is - Gobecc, Ms Marina

Colout it is as it is
I used simple colour and word to illustrate that colour is as it is and that there is no difference. And I guess thought further on from that about the eye and how if it is because the eye is clear, it is sees colour. But if your eye was red everyone would be red. So you know that sort of colour is as it is and there is no difference because we are all human. And it is how it is.

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Marina Gobecc explains the meaning behind her drawing 'Colour it is as it is'. She created the drawing as part of her involvement in creating a new display; Attitude: Remembering Slavery in the CIS Manchester Gallery. The new display explores the impact and legacy of Manchester's involvement in the transatlantic slave trade.

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