Assessment Criteria

Richard Cobden Commemorative plaque

To commemorate a person

At least 10 years should have passed since their death They should be:

  • Sufficiently famous to be familiar to the succeeding generation or be regarded as sufficiently significant within their field
  • Their achievements must have made a lasting and significant contribution
  • The building on which the plaque will be fixed must be directly related to the proposed person, and they must have lived or worked there for at least 5 years

In addition, please note that

  • Plaques will not normally be installed on hotels or public venues (eg concert halls) where connections with the building were transitory
  • A person cannot be commemorated on more than one plaque within the City Council scheme.

To commemorate an event

  • The event should have happened at least 25 years ago
  • The event should be instantly recognisable to many of the general public
  • The event should be of special historical interest or significance in the history of Manchester or the country as a whole
  • The building proposed for installation must be directly related to the event

Additional considerations

  • The Board will only approve plaques that will be visible to passers-by
  • Where possible, you should get the agreement of the building owner
  • Exceptional cases will be considered on their merits, subject to the submission of a thoroughly researched and justified case


Unfortunately, there is no budget to pay for the costs of plaques, so proposals can only be taken forward if the proposer or supporting group are able to meet costs.

Costs could include

  • The making of the plaque (usually around £500 each)
  • The installation of the plaque (usually around £200 depending on the type of building)
  • Any legal costs (e.g. indemnification of building owner)
  • Research and validation (if required)
  • Any special costs around listed building consent or other planning consents
  • The cost of an unveiling event (if required)

Public Art

Peel Monument figure
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