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What's currently available on the database?

The database is an ongoing project that we are constantly adding to and updating. Although we have now created records for all of the collections, we do not have images for them all.

The About the collection pages of the website gives a good overview of the collection to help you with your queries, and you can also start searching the collections database if you know what you are looking for or just want to browse.

There are currently over 13,000 images available online out of over 60,000 records. We are very aware that images are crucial for the interpretation of the collections, and that web browser’s expect to see images for all the collections.

Our short term strategy for adding more images to the database is to record works of art on paper, and prints as they are easier to photograph than large pieces of furniture or sculpture that may be crated up in storage facilities. We are also looking at what our web users are searching for and where possible photographing works of art that are the most frequently searched on.

The medium to long-term strategy must fit around our other commitments to our exhibitions and collections care programs. We are programming in photography with our technicians and photographer for the difficult to photograph objects over a prolonged period.

Images on the database

New images are constantly added to our collections database and published to the website as part of our ongoing collections documentation project.

In order to comply with current copyright law no images are published to the website unless Manchester City Galleries are the copyright holders. Occasionally images may be published where an agreement has been made with the artist, or copyright holder.

We have made every effort not to infringe copyright when publishing images to the website. If you discover a mistake please contact Martin Grimes:

Tel: +44 (0)161 235 8870

If you would like to request an image that you cannot find on the website, please contact our Picture Library. New photography may be commissioned for publication and commercial use, and you may be able to obtain a larger image file size if required.

About the online collection

Albert Square (detail) by Adolphe Valette, 1910
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