Corporate Members

Corporate members at the annual dinner

Be part of a Mancunian success story

We’d like you to become a Corporate Member of our gallery, to share in our successes and profit from the many benefits that membership will bring to your business.

To thank you for your generous support, we’d like to offer you a choice of a range of membership benefits. For instance…

…borrow some art

One of our most popular benefits is our art loan scheme, which enables Corporate Members to display items from our collection in their offices. From eighteenth-century oils to modern works, take your pick from a catalogue of some 200 works. We provide labels, with details about the work, the artist and a note of thanks to your company for its support. We automatically insure any art that you borrow from us.

Download the full list of membership benefits.

Directors Circle

Virginia Tandy, director of the gallery
Borrow up to six works of art and dine among some of the best examples of Pre-Raphaelite art in the world.

Executive Circle

Corporate Members admiring artworks
Borrow up to two works of art and get two double invitations to our Annual Dinner.