Jewellery from the Manchester Jewellers’ Network

 Alena Asenbryl, bracelet, detailAlena Asenbryl, braceletManchester Jewellery network, earringsManchester Jewellery network, rings

Exquisite jewellery in the gallery shop

If you’re looking for something really special this Christmas, come and see our display of exquisite jewellery by designer-makers from the Manchester Jewellers’ Network.

Work from a range of designer-makers will be on sale until 29 January 2012.

Anne Ellis, necklace, detailAnne Ellis, necklaceCharlotte Verity, necklaceCharlotte Verity, necklace, detailElaine Jenkins, Bracelet, detail


Under That Cloud

Jiro Kamata, Structured Coloured Chaos, Necklace, Nylon and obsidian
An exhibition of jewellery by 18 international artists produced in response to their experience of being stranded together in Mexico City.