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C'est Joli

JUDITH, 2013

This was really interesting

Bet henna, 2013

Great to see the process of the restoration, and find out all the work involved. Well done to all.

Laura Whiteman, 2013

Nice frame

Laura Whiteman, 2013

Good painting

Batty, 2013

I think this painting is dead good and they did some good work on it

Alexandra, 2013

It would be very nice to have this awesome touchpad In German, too. It is difficult to understand everything if English isn't your first language.

Magpie, 2013

Beautiful painting that depicts how poetry can be brought to life by the movement of brush to create an amazing and outrageous captivating art piece that speaks silently in different tales to each person that sees it.

Phoenix, 2013


me, 2013

I hate it

Alexandra, 2013

It's a very beautiful painting, very detailed and has held quite well, the paint looks fresh!

Dite, 2013

Think it is a graphic, savage image.

Elliot savage, 2013

It's really, really big. I'm not sure what I think of it. I think I like it.

Isaac, 2013

It must really smell near to where the sirens are sitting! The sailor's bodies look gruesome! Also, I would expect Odysseus's boat to be bigger as he was very famous in Troy. The daffodil looked nice.

James, 2013

He is my favourite artist. The way the sunlight falls on the skull is gorgeous. I really love his objects. He is a real pioneer in his time.

Abet, 2013

Real eye opener to art & music from a different perspective.

Charlene, 2013

I personally find it quite boring

Charlene, 2013

Very fine artwork. Makes me ponder...

Fiona, 2013

It is very interesting. Really like the detail.

Stephanie, 2013

I say this is a very good gallery in the style of Seneca

Louis cutting ham, 2013

Nips r odd

Louis cutting ham, 2013

It's a beautiful peace of art work but very nude but it is beautiful xx

Chanel and Ella, 2013

I think it's a beautiful art work. It's one of those paintings where you can't take your eyes of it, you could look at it all day!

Louis Taylor, 2013

I think it's awesome . He has a detailed perspective.

Daniel mcvittie, 2013

This is a nice depiction of Odysseus. Rather cliched though.

Daisy, 2013

Inspired me to live my life to the full . life is one great adventure

Candy, 2013

Oh weary sailor come to my shore The sirens so enchantingly call Man a weak man answer And many a weak man fall Helpless to the jagged coast This masculine curse For a beautiful host Come here we are waiting they chant and they sing Too soon to feel the sharp rocks bitter sting To lured to your watery grave Captured by beauty and made a slave But our great hero so brave and true Knew exactly what his men had to do And stuffed there ears with wax from a bee And made them tie him to the mast tight and firmly And as they sailed on by In desperation he let out a cry But his men were not tricked And bound him tighter and more strict And they sailed passed unharmed Not trapped by temptation And left the sirens un-charmed

Joel Liliuokalani, 2013

We love it

Joel Liliuokalani, 2013


Martin Flanagan, 2013


Turkmen McKunla, 2013

I luv dis painting it is awesom

Stacey Bertrand, 2013

This painting is very interesting but I don't see y every painting has 2 have naked people in it but I still luv the painting.

Mahala tucker, 2013

I don't know why people do awkward stuff like die when listening to music in some paintings.

Mahala tucker, 2013

This is very nice but not sutable for a child's eyes

Harry good, 2013

It was truly amazing!

Maia Taylor, 2013

I loved the Victorian section, truly breathtaking!

Maia Taylor, 2013

Very insightful piece of art work. Beautiful.

Alistair Johnson, 2013

Content of painting, blaming the wantonness and death of men on female sexuality, nothing new there then. Stylistically, beautifully executed.

Tom, 2013

Really nice painting

Sachin, 2013

I really like the painting and I am now intrigued to discover the Odessey and listen to the story

Ellie, 2013

We love it! It really captures the intensity of the storm and the desire and lust of the Sirens. It really stimulates our imagination and the subject of desire and restraint.

Sarona Dirvey, 2013

Nice painting show s how many people died and how hard it was to live through that phase

Lewis, 2014

Oh I get it what Ulysses needed was love. Yes the beautiful females being GODs most beautiful creation taking the place of the hideous evil sirens that occupied a mans mind in Hubris x I

Filip sobolewski, 2014

We'll done!great that spectators may follow the restoration works.

Martin Toman, 2014

As a student this made me feel more about paintings and the effort and time that goes into it

Martin Toman, 2014

I am nefarious. But I love this painting anyway!0

Steven, 2014

Muy interesante!

Steven, 2014

A bit like pirates of the carrabeans.intresting. Nicely drawn.

Francis low, 2014

It's beautiful

Francis low, 2014

Thank you for providing some insight. The lights disturb the view a little and may manipulate the colours. Not a good space to exhibit such an oversized work. Parts of the painting seem overrestored, like the bodies of the sirens, they appear just to bright, or the hair and muscles of the tanned victim at the bottom right, with its all too sharp contrast of lines. I would appreciate to learn more about the research that was invested into the artwork's history prior to the restoration.

Melanie Stengele, 2014

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