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1925 pale pink silk dressing gown (1951.143)
1925 pale pink silk dressing gown detail (1951.143)

Underwear from the 1920s seems much more familiar to a modern consumer than any previous period. Even a few years earlier, heavy white cotton or knitted wool jersey had dominated men's and women's underwear and nightwear. From about 1920, new soft flattering fabrics were introduced in rayon and silk, and in a variety of colours including pale green, ecru and, as in this case, peach. Boudoir garments made of such textiles were seen as alluring and sexy, and for the first time also, the hemline rose to the knee, revealing substantial areas of bare leg.

This softly draping dressing gown or boudoir jacket has a fashionable lowered waist, and fastens with a clasp trimmed with contrasting turquoise pleated silk in a fan-shape. It was intended to convey a stylishly "chic" appearance, a word introduced from the French in the 1920s, conveying concepts of refinement and sophistication.

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"dressing gown" [1951.143]

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