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Man's Underpants 1972 (1973.228)

These dramatically patterned underpants or briefs were retailed by Marks and Spencer around 1972, and were aimed at the ever-expanding fashionable youth market. Made of nylon printed with a swirling psychedelic pattern of magenta and black, they are close fitting and would have been worn under figure-hugging trousers, preferably dark ones which would have prevented the pattern showing through!

Such tight fitting briefs contrast dramatically with men's underwear of a generation earlier, which would have been fuller, looser, plainer, and made of a natural fibre like cotton or woollen jersey. From the 1960s fashion-conscious men were able to experiment with colour, pattern and style in underwear, and as we can see here, many opted for far more flamboyant choices than plain white cotton!

Full item descriptions:

"underpants & briefs" [1973.228], St Michael, Marks & Spencer

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