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Unisex clothing became increasingly popular from the later 1960s, particularly with casual garments like jeans and t-shirts. Clothing in the early 1970s was invariably figure-hugging: trousers fitted to the legs down to the obligatory flares, and tops stretched like a second skin over the upper body. These shirts and tops could be fitted with curved side seams and additional darts, or they could be made in clinging fabrics like cheesecloth or jersey. Many up-to-the-minute casual fashion items like t-shirts could be bought cheaply from street traders and markets, or from trendy boutiques, the most famous being along the Portobello Road in London.

This top belonged to a male student in Leicester, although it could just as easily have been worn by a woman. Made of pale blue cotton jersey, it fits snugly around the chest and over the hips, and has a label for the South Sea Bubble Company. Featuring an applque motif of a large half-eaten ice cream, it would today probably also have the logo "Chill"!

Full item descriptions:

"t-shirt" [1974.15], The South Sea Bubble Ltd.

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