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Contemporary clubwear and young streetstyle often play with the layering and slashing of fabrics, as well as the use of cut-outs in clothing, forming an interplay between different materials and colours, and between the fabric and the flesh. Thus a t-shirt might have attached sleeves in a different colour as if the short-sleeved top were being worn over a long-sleeved one; or else, a contrasting collar is inserted at the neck to suggest another layer. Cut-outs can be fun to draw the eye below the outer layer. In this case, the outer lemon yellow jersey has been made with wide vertical slashes showing a cerise pink boob-tube below which is attached to the top as one garment, and the bare flesh of the wearer can also be seen.

Provocative designers like John Galliano and Alexander McQueen love to slash and cut the fabric of their catwalk couture clothes, both to shock and to represent sexuality. Nude flesh can be far more alluring and sexy when peeping out from a garment, partly covered by fabric, than when entirely exposed and nakedly "in your face".

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