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Clothkits Suit 1975-1976 (1999.168)
Clothkits Suit- sleeve 1975-1976 (1999.168)

During the 1970s and ealry 1980s, Clothkits was well-known as a craft-based textile company operating from Lewes in East Sussex. It promoted a flourishing mail order service aimed at practical and "artistic" customers who would order ready-made garmetns or items in kit form to be made at home. Instead of relying on paper patterns, the fabric itself was printed with cutting lines so that the size could be chosen, and the fabric cut out. It was then straightforward to follow the lines when sewing the garment.

This two-piece outfit is made of turquoise cotton corduroy, printed with a bold "Aztec" geometric pattern in blue. It was ordered from Clothkits and made-up domestically at home. All the buttons and thread were provided in the kit, and the detail of the sleeve shows how two printed pieces have been sewn together. Clothkits was particularly popular for children's wear, when rather "bohemian" or creative parents could choose an alternative and ostentatiously uncommercial style of clothing.

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"suit" [1999.168], Clothkits

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