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1972-1974 wool brocade jacket (2002.29)

Stripes, floral prints and shiny new man-made fabrics caused a menswear revolution in the 1960s. Such embellishment flouted the sober colour palette and restricted cut which had characterised much of men's fashion from about 1850. Here, a coffee-coloured metallic brocade brings glamour to an early 1970s evening jacket, giving a predictable garment which is usually black, an unexpectedly decorative twist. The design of the silk is a stylised floral pattern which is very reminiscent of the "bizarre" silks of the period around 1710, another clever "retro" reuse of stylistic ideas.

In 1966, Michael Fish opened a boutique called Mr Fish, near Savile Row in London, specialising in decorative, often highly avant guarde, glitzy menswear, and designing clothes popular with sixties icons such as Princess Margaret's husband, Lord Snowdon, or Mick Jagger from The Rolling Stones. As this jacket was recently salvaged from a charity shop, unfortunately we know nothing about the Captain Clark of Newcastle who originally owned this extravert jacket, and whose name is written inside.

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"evening jacket" [2002.29], Mr Fish

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