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fan 1922.1060
fan 1965.130
fan 1947.3857
fan 1949.93
fan 1970.91
fan 1965.161
not needed 1986.408
fan 1952.121
fan 1959.88
fan 1947.3837
fan 1981.59b
fan leaf 1952.353
fan 1986.432

Fans have been carried to public and ceremonial occasions for centuries, and in many different cultures. The Gallery has a collection of over 350 fans, mostly representing fashionable accessories used in Britain, although often made abroad, particularly in China. Some examples are pictured below, dating from the late seventeenth century onwards, showing a range of decorative techniques, including painting, printing and stitching.

Full item descriptions:

"fan" [1965.130]
"fan" [1947.3857]
"fan" [1949.93]
"fan" [1970.91]
"fan" [1922.1060]
"fan" [1965.161]
"fan" [1986.408]
"fan" [1952.121]
"fan" [1959.282]
"fan & handscreen" [1947.3837]
"fan" [1981.59 B], Maquet Gravr
"fan leaf" [1952.353], Marchant, I, Gravelot, Hubert Francois
"fan" [1986.432]

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