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It is unusual to find photographs of Victorian men or women in sports clothes before the 1880s, apart from images of famous sportsmen or women which were produced commercially like the images of statesmen or royalty. Cameras and their film were not able to record subjects in movement until the 1890s, so photographs of sports actually being played are rare, but many photographs have survived from the 1880s showing men and women dressed for the newly-fashionable sports of tennis, cycling and golf. Cycling was popular with all classes, particularly working women who were given a new independence. Tennis, archery and golf were more middle class, for those with plenty of leisure.

Formally arranged group photographs of members of amateur sports teams or university clubs were also popular, often showing members wearing an assortment of different outfits rather than a clear uniform.

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"Victorian photograph" [i184], May, Norman
"Victorian photograph" [i185]
"Victorian photograph" [i186], Marshall, A
"Victorian photograph" [i187]
"Victorian photograph" [i188]
"Victorian photograph" [i189]
"Victorian photograph" [i190], Banks, R
"Victorian photograph" [i191], Dolibo, L

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