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1986-1988 silk cocktail dress detail (1998.172)
1986-1988 silk cocktail dress (1998.172)

Two-tone shocking pink and orange silk and an extremely short skirt would surely guarantee the wearer of David Fielden's daring cocktail dress a dramatic entrance to any party. But despite the flashy colour and figure-hugging style, a closer look at this dress reveals a sophistication of cut, construction and detail. A finely gathered concertina skirt is trimmed with extravagant applied self-fabric roses and the whole outfit demonstrates Fielden's ability to balance brash theatricality with intricate detailing.

As with so many of Fielden's rather flamboyant designs, it seems likely that here he has drawn on his theatre background, working as he did as the chief choreographer to the Ballet Rambert. His early business selling vintage clothing developed quickly into a string of boutiques selling ball gowns, bridal wear and evening wear under his own label. Today he continues to design playful, up-beat clothing for special occasions, regularly exhibiting his new collections at London Fashion Week and appearing in features in Vogue or Harpers as an established couturier.

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"cocktail dress" [1998.172], Fielden, David