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evening dress 1957.485

Object Name: evening dress

Artist/Maker: House of Worth
Role in production: Designer
Place of Creation: Europe, United Kingdom, England, London
Date: 1954

Accession Number: 1957.485
Image Copyright: © Manchester City Galleries
Credit: Manchester City Galleries

Physical Description

Medium / Material
  • cotton
  • woven

Sleeveless ballerina-length evening dress in navy cotton organdie printed with dramatic quatrefoil pattern in white.

Dress bodice front in one section with low V neck, pleated at point of V, slanting away steeply at armholes; the organdie so arranged that the pattern forms a quatrefoil over the front of the bodice; extra oval piece inserted each side below armhole continuing the pattern, another oval piece over each shoulder forming straps; armhole and shoulder straps self-faced; back bodice in one section each side of CB opening, fastening with hooks & eyes and trimmed with an organdie knot at top; back also slanting down steeply at armholes and forming quatrefoil pattern, extra half-oval pieces sewn on below waist each side of opening to form low curved waistline at CB; separate white organdie "bustle" bow, hooking onto CB waist; skirt formed from a single section of organdie with a seam to L of CB, pleated to bodice with complex inverted box pleats, the pleats sewn down for a few inches below waist; waist seam concealed under applied ovals of organdie arranged to form petal pattern round waist, dress further fitted at waist with small horizontal darts; hem of skirt with applied half-ovals forming scalloped edge: fitted foundation petticoat of white cotton poplin stiffened with net; strapless bodice in 8 sections, with extra bias section for bust inserted each side of CF; seams boned, point of bust padded; CB fastening with hooks & eyes; inner waistband fastening with 2 hooks & eyes; skirt in 8 flared sections; hoop (whalebone encased in cotton) attached at hip level; pleated organdie frill above hem.
Cotton Board


Type: Length
Height: 106.7 cm

Type: Waist
Width: 61

Type: Hem
Width: 261.5