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coat 1954.1106

Object Name: coat

Place of Creation: Europe, United Kingdom, England
Date: 1730-1750

Accession Number: 1954.1106
Image Copyright: © Manchester City Galleries
Credit: Manchester City Galleries

Physical Description

Medium / Material
  • wool
  • woven

Fawn homespun woollen cloth; fronts each in one section, fastening from below waist to round neck with ten cloth covered double-dome buttons with buttonholes; pocket, fawn cotton, at hip each side, with slightly shaped flap, with slightly shaped flap, with imitation buttonhole and button each end; flared skirt; back in two sections, flared, open at centre below waist; double thickness in skirt back and front; pleats inserted in side seams of skirt, with button at top of pleating; long sleeves in two sections open at outer wrist almost to elbow, with very wide turnback cuff; top edge trimmed at outer arm with four imitation vertical buttonholes and buttons. Fabric worn into holes.

This is a difficult garment to interpret. Although likely genuine, some of the interlinings (double-faced satin, cotton corduroy, cotton jean) and some of the cotton sewing threads in the seams seem 19th century. Also some of the cut such as the curved openings under the pockets. Possibly therefore made up later as a reproduction in the 1840s/50s. The cut however is pretty accurate, so the 19th century maker must have had an 18th century original to copy.

Fabric: Shetland type, coarse pulled wool; Warp: Z twist; Weft: slight S twist; Plain weave; 20 ends/ 20 picks.


Type: Length
Height: 97.5 cm