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suit 1952.360 (on right)

Object Name: suit

Place of Creation: Europe, France
Date: 1780-1795

Accession Number: 1952.360/2
Location on Display: Gallery of Costume - 1F - The Age of Elegance
Image Copyright: ©Manchester City Galleries
Credit: Manchester City Galleries

Physical Description

Medium / Material
  • silk
  • velvet
  • woven

Purple silk coat and breeches, with green uncut velvet stripe.
coat: lined cream twilled silk high standing collar, fronts curving away to sides with ten buttons and three buttonholes, cut in one piece with skirt; pocket, white linen, with shaped flap, each side; back in two shaped sections continuing to form centre back of skirt, open below waist with overlap; open and pleated from waist each side of back, caught at hem with button and stitching and with stitching in two places above; long fitting sleeves in two sections, with cuffs; three buttons below each pocket-flap, one at top of each side-back slit, three on each cuff.
breeches: wide waistband lined white cotton, fastening in front with three buttons; white cotton gusset at back fastening with strap lined white cotton and tab with buttonhole; front flap lined cream twilled silk with short slit near top in central seam, fastening with two buttons; pocket, white cotton, each side extending from front to side, fastening towards back with one button; small deep slit pocket (white cotton) in waistband each side of centre front; knee fastening lined white cotton and cream twilled silk with five buttons; one buttonhole in kneeband.
Worn by Sir John Thomas Stanley of Alderley (6th bt 1735 = 1807)


Type: Length (breeches)
Height: 73.8 cm

Type: Length (coat)
Height: 110