Dressing Up, Dressing Down

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fan 1986.432.jpg

Object Name: fan

Place of Creation: Europe, France
Date: 1740-60

Accession Number: 1986.432
Image Copyright: ©Manchester City Galleries
Credit: Manchester City Galleries

Physical Description

Medium / Material
  • silk
  • ivory
  • metal
  • gold
  • card
  • Painted

Cockade; with painted silk gauze leaf. No sticks, 2 guards : ivory inlaid in gold. Stiffened silk gauze of sky-blue, painted with dark blue and orange birds of Paradise amidst gold foliage. Squarish-shaped cockade (longer edge at the top) with twenty-eight pleats radiating from a central point. Reverse in of plain blue.
Guards of carved ivory, inlaid with gold (and small amounts of metal inlay of blue, purple and scarlet) in scrollwork and floral motifs. Guards open through 360 degrees and tie back with a gold metal ring and clip. Metal hinge at the top. Two ivory silk tassels (two sizes).
Box of card, covered in turquoise paper with gold floral scrolls lined red.
Part of the Moorcroft donation and No.45 in the Moorcroft Catalogue. given by donor's sister in Dec 1954 and purchased in Chelsea.


Type: Length closed
Height: 12 ins

Type: Length box
Height: 12.5