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bodice 1960.116

Object Name: bodice

Place of Creation: Europe, Italy
Date: 1630-1660

Accession Number: 1960.116
Location on Display: Gallery of Costume - 1F - The Needle's Excellency
Image Copyright: © Manchester City Galleries
Credit: Manchester City Galleries

Physical Description

Medium / Material
  • silk
  • satin
  • linen
  • chenille
  • embroidering

Stiff bodied bodice in white satin embroidered in pale blue and white silk, lined with blue silk and natural linen. Very wide rounded neck. Pointed waistline. CB opening with eighteen lace holes. Back and front lined with several thicknesses of linen, with vertical strips of stiffeneing between parallel lines of stitching. Basque lined in blue silk and stiffened with felt. Loose fitting sleeves with outside wrist open. Sleeves lined in blue silk. Embroidered all the whole ground, except at neck and top of sleeves, with formal leaf pattern in blue silk, and blue chenille, blue and white laid cord, and blue silk french knots. Embroidery is executed to shape on eight point satin without a backing. Bodice is made up without completely respecting the embroidered shapes and incorporating five point satin at the top of the sleeves and edge of the skirt panels. The bodice may have been made up at a later date using 17th century embroidered panels.


Type: Length
Height: 66 cm

Type: Shoulder to waist
Height: 33

Type: Waist
Width: 67.3